Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What Makes Ethel M Chocolate So Special?

Ethel M, based out of icandy Sugar Rush headquarters, Las Vegas, NV, is a worldwide recognized premium chocolate company. Despite being a major competitor in premium chocolate production, Ethel M still makes every batch with the finest ingredients and embodies the spirit of a "hand crafted artisan" bakery.

Ethel M was established by Forrest Mars Sr., the spearhead to the Mars Chocolate empire. While Mars Chocolates has become one of the largest chocolate companies in the world, Ethel M is as gourmet and boutique as it gets. Forrest Mars Sr. established Ethel M as a commemoration to his mother when retiring in Henderson, NV (Las Vegas). Although Ethel M is sold world wide and recognized as a leader in the premium candies world, there are only 8 "Ethel M" retail locations in Las Vegas, NV exclusively. 

The Ethel M factory is unlike any other chocolate factory in the world. Attracting over 700,000 visitors a year, tourists have the opportunity to witness first hand the chocolate being made and sample chocolate in the Ethel M Chocolate Lounge. On top of the factory tour, Ethel M also has one of the worlds largest Cactus Botanical Gardens for visitors to roam. During the holidays, the whole garden turns into a massive Christmas light experience!

So now that you know a little bit about the unique history of Ethel M, here are my reasons why Ethel M is so special:

1) NO PRESERVATIVES! There are absolutely zero preservatives in Ethel M Chocolate which helps to create the perfect premium chocolate taste and texture.

2) Chef Jin Caldwell - Ethel M's main chocolatier is a world class chocolate chef who personally approves the quality of each batch.

3) Ethel M's passion for chocolate excellence! From the factory floor to the quality of the chocolate, there are few candy companies that have such a dedication to the pursuit of candy greatness. 

Try Ethel M today and let me know what you think! Ethel M at icandy Sugar Rush

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