Thursday, November 17, 2011

Candy Headphones

At icandy Sugar Rush, one of our "hot sellers" are the Candy Headphones. For a while it seemed that big bulky headphones were doomed pieces of technology like the VCR or 8track and had been replaced by those small ear buds that are great for taking the wax out of your ears with them; however, large studio style headphones have recently made a resurgence.

From popular brands like "Beats" by Dr. Dre to Skull Candy, the highly fashionable and colorful "sport headphones," it is clear that big is back. So in today's post I have decided to review the trendy Candy Headphones that icandy Sugar Rush carries against these big brands I mentioned above.

First lets talk about price. Dre's "Beats" headphones on Amazon range from $160-$500!!! If you are extra rich and hip you might be willing to drop that kind of cash for headphones but they are not for the likes of me. Next up is Skull Candy brand. Their headphones are much more affordable ranging from $30-$80 on Google depending on what style you are looking for. The "Candy Headphones" we sell at icandy Sugar Rush fall on the low range of the Skull Candy price scale at $36.

Next lets examine the sound quality or "Bang for the Buck." Dre's "Beats" headphones do have good quality. But not $250 in quality. They do have a great bass range and seem to be fairly durable but I cannot suggest that they would be worth the extra money equatable to a PS3. Next Skull Candy headphones do seem to be fairly balanced in price and quality; however, the cheaper models I have tried do not match up to the higher end products in the line. The "Candy Headphones" we sell at icandy Sugar Rush have roughly the same sound quality and comfort as the Skull Candy brand's high end product line and are only $36.

If you are a true candy lover than the "Candy Headphones" are perfect for you. We carry them in 10 varieties including Reese's, York Peppermint Pattie, and Bubble Yum. They have overall good quality and are very comfortably fitted over the ears. Try them today!

Rating = A
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