Monday, November 14, 2011

Welcome to icandy Sugar Rush candy blog!

Hello World :)

My name is Jonathan A. Kaplan. Since I was a child I have been candy crazy! I have tried just about every candy in existence. My friends and family have proclaimed me a "candyhaulic." It really is out of control.

Soooo I grew up and went to college and decided to start my career. After 4 years getting my Bachelor of Science in Media Arts and Animation, where do I end up working? A CANDY STORE!!! I work for a company called Ayala's inc. Concession Concepts. We conceptualize, design, and build new stores from the ground up. My first project was to help design a candy store called icandy Sugar Rush. For this project I have made many animations, designed various products, and contributed to the overall design and theme of the store.

My skills with web design and multimedia naturally lead me to become the manager of internet sales. is my baby. So as a part of running the company website I have decided to start this blog to document my journey with icandy and to show you, the world, that I have a serious passion for what I do. I will be reviewing candy and candy companies, reviewing new candy themed merchandise, and keeping you up to date on the future trends of candy and candy stores! While this is in part to help promote my baby and let the world know we exsist, this is first and foremost my way to share my love of candy to the world by giving honest opinions and insight into my candy colored world.

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