Monday, November 14, 2011

Nahui Ollin Candy Wrapper Bags

We got these in stock at icandy Sugar Rush about a month or two ago and I thought I would do a review so you know if these pricey bags were really worth it or not. When I first saw these I thought, "what a good idea." This is one of those products that anyone of us could have thought of and put together in a garage with thousands of old candy wrappers; however, Nahui Ollin takes their candy wrapper kingdom seriously.

First, these bags are made of %100 recycled materials. Candy Factories that have a wrapper that may not be up to "wrapper quality inspection" are bought by Nahui Ollin. This means all of these wrappers that factories would normally put into a landfill are used for a useful purpose instead. This makes these bags officially eco-friendly.

Second, these bags are hand made by a single artisan. For the larger styles, this could take up to four days per bag! Try getting that out of a Coach. For music lovers you can equate this to a handmade Japanese Takamini guitar (serious quality)

I found this video on youtube that shows the process. The hand woven technique comes originally comes from the Mayan Empire (so you can get a sense of why the video is from Mexico.)

So this is a pretty serious business it seems. Look at the intensity as he weaves these intricate bags starting with nothing but a bunch of candy wrappers and rivets.

Lastly I would like to say that these bags do have some serious style. If I saw these on any ladies in public I would know 1) this girl is serious about her candy! 2) She is eco-conscious and would rather support this handmade brand over other designer brands such as Coach, Guess, Guchi, etc. etc.

So that being said, while the price point may seem a little high at first, it pales in comparison to any of these other designer handbag brands and has the bang for the buck.

Rating = A+
Where to find? My Store!

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