Monday, November 14, 2011

Candy Lunch Boxes

Sooo a couple of days ago we got these new Candy Lunch Boxes in stock. Although I am kinda old to be walking around with a tin lunch box, these things are pretty slick. I could see myself using one of these to store art supplies or something of the like. For grown dudes, you probably have to be really hip ( like this guy ) to get away with walking around with one of these in public; however, for the ladies or kids, totalllly cool.

As far as quality goes they seem to be really nice so far. The metal is sturdy, there is a pretty nice strap to carry it around, and the paint is nice and vibrant. I think people could really get some use out of these to store your favorite candy, or art/ school supplies, or even for keeping secret treasures safe. "Shh.. this is where I put my treasures.."

There are multiple styles ranging from Tootsie's "How many licks" to "Sugar Daddy" if you are a chick that wants a sugar daddy. We even have a few Hello Kitty styles although they are not quite candy related.

Rating = A
Where to find? My store!

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