Thursday, November 17, 2011

Candy Headphones

At icandy Sugar Rush, one of our "hot sellers" are the Candy Headphones. For a while it seemed that big bulky headphones were doomed pieces of technology like the VCR or 8track and had been replaced by those small ear buds that are great for taking the wax out of your ears with them; however, large studio style headphones have recently made a resurgence.

From popular brands like "Beats" by Dr. Dre to Skull Candy, the highly fashionable and colorful "sport headphones," it is clear that big is back. So in today's post I have decided to review the trendy Candy Headphones that icandy Sugar Rush carries against these big brands I mentioned above.

First lets talk about price. Dre's "Beats" headphones on Amazon range from $160-$500!!! If you are extra rich and hip you might be willing to drop that kind of cash for headphones but they are not for the likes of me. Next up is Skull Candy brand. Their headphones are much more affordable ranging from $30-$80 on Google depending on what style you are looking for. The "Candy Headphones" we sell at icandy Sugar Rush fall on the low range of the Skull Candy price scale at $36.

Next lets examine the sound quality or "Bang for the Buck." Dre's "Beats" headphones do have good quality. But not $250 in quality. They do have a great bass range and seem to be fairly durable but I cannot suggest that they would be worth the extra money equatable to a PS3. Next Skull Candy headphones do seem to be fairly balanced in price and quality; however, the cheaper models I have tried do not match up to the higher end products in the line. The "Candy Headphones" we sell at icandy Sugar Rush have roughly the same sound quality and comfort as the Skull Candy brand's high end product line and are only $36.

If you are a true candy lover than the "Candy Headphones" are perfect for you. We carry them in 10 varieties including Reese's, York Peppermint Pattie, and Bubble Yum. They have overall good quality and are very comfortably fitted over the ears. Try them today!

Rating = A
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What Makes Ethel M Chocolate So Special?

Ethel M, based out of icandy Sugar Rush headquarters, Las Vegas, NV, is a worldwide recognized premium chocolate company. Despite being a major competitor in premium chocolate production, Ethel M still makes every batch with the finest ingredients and embodies the spirit of a "hand crafted artisan" bakery.

Ethel M was established by Forrest Mars Sr., the spearhead to the Mars Chocolate empire. While Mars Chocolates has become one of the largest chocolate companies in the world, Ethel M is as gourmet and boutique as it gets. Forrest Mars Sr. established Ethel M as a commemoration to his mother when retiring in Henderson, NV (Las Vegas). Although Ethel M is sold world wide and recognized as a leader in the premium candies world, there are only 8 "Ethel M" retail locations in Las Vegas, NV exclusively. 

The Ethel M factory is unlike any other chocolate factory in the world. Attracting over 700,000 visitors a year, tourists have the opportunity to witness first hand the chocolate being made and sample chocolate in the Ethel M Chocolate Lounge. On top of the factory tour, Ethel M also has one of the worlds largest Cactus Botanical Gardens for visitors to roam. During the holidays, the whole garden turns into a massive Christmas light experience!

So now that you know a little bit about the unique history of Ethel M, here are my reasons why Ethel M is so special:

1) NO PRESERVATIVES! There are absolutely zero preservatives in Ethel M Chocolate which helps to create the perfect premium chocolate taste and texture.

2) Chef Jin Caldwell - Ethel M's main chocolatier is a world class chocolate chef who personally approves the quality of each batch.

3) Ethel M's passion for chocolate excellence! From the factory floor to the quality of the chocolate, there are few candy companies that have such a dedication to the pursuit of candy greatness. 

Try Ethel M today and let me know what you think! Ethel M at icandy Sugar Rush

Monday, November 14, 2011

Nahui Ollin Candy Wrapper Bags

We got these in stock at icandy Sugar Rush about a month or two ago and I thought I would do a review so you know if these pricey bags were really worth it or not. When I first saw these I thought, "what a good idea." This is one of those products that anyone of us could have thought of and put together in a garage with thousands of old candy wrappers; however, Nahui Ollin takes their candy wrapper kingdom seriously.

First, these bags are made of %100 recycled materials. Candy Factories that have a wrapper that may not be up to "wrapper quality inspection" are bought by Nahui Ollin. This means all of these wrappers that factories would normally put into a landfill are used for a useful purpose instead. This makes these bags officially eco-friendly.

Second, these bags are hand made by a single artisan. For the larger styles, this could take up to four days per bag! Try getting that out of a Coach. For music lovers you can equate this to a handmade Japanese Takamini guitar (serious quality)

I found this video on youtube that shows the process. The hand woven technique comes originally comes from the Mayan Empire (so you can get a sense of why the video is from Mexico.)

So this is a pretty serious business it seems. Look at the intensity as he weaves these intricate bags starting with nothing but a bunch of candy wrappers and rivets.

Lastly I would like to say that these bags do have some serious style. If I saw these on any ladies in public I would know 1) this girl is serious about her candy! 2) She is eco-conscious and would rather support this handmade brand over other designer brands such as Coach, Guess, Guchi, etc. etc.

So that being said, while the price point may seem a little high at first, it pales in comparison to any of these other designer handbag brands and has the bang for the buck.

Rating = A+
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Candy Lunch Boxes

Sooo a couple of days ago we got these new Candy Lunch Boxes in stock. Although I am kinda old to be walking around with a tin lunch box, these things are pretty slick. I could see myself using one of these to store art supplies or something of the like. For grown dudes, you probably have to be really hip ( like this guy ) to get away with walking around with one of these in public; however, for the ladies or kids, totalllly cool.

As far as quality goes they seem to be really nice so far. The metal is sturdy, there is a pretty nice strap to carry it around, and the paint is nice and vibrant. I think people could really get some use out of these to store your favorite candy, or art/ school supplies, or even for keeping secret treasures safe. "Shh.. this is where I put my treasures.."

There are multiple styles ranging from Tootsie's "How many licks" to "Sugar Daddy" if you are a chick that wants a sugar daddy. We even have a few Hello Kitty styles although they are not quite candy related.

Rating = A
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Clodhopper Review

I always felt like something was missing in my life until I tried Clodhoppers. What is a Clodhopper you say? A Clodhopper is crunchy grahm cluster covered in your favorite kind of chocolate. Personally I like the Milk Chocolate but some of our candy patrons like to mix the Milk Chocolate with the White Chocolate. Clodhoppers rank on the top five icandy Sugar Rush top sellers list for a reason! If you have not tried a Clodhopper, its not too late, but don't wait too long... life is not worth living without the clodhopper.

Rating = A+
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Hello World :)

My name is Jonathan A. Kaplan. Since I was a child I have been candy crazy! I have tried just about every candy in existence. My friends and family have proclaimed me a "candyhaulic." It really is out of control.

Soooo I grew up and went to college and decided to start my career. After 4 years getting my Bachelor of Science in Media Arts and Animation, where do I end up working? A CANDY STORE!!! I work for a company called Ayala's inc. Concession Concepts. We conceptualize, design, and build new stores from the ground up. My first project was to help design a candy store called icandy Sugar Rush. For this project I have made many animations, designed various products, and contributed to the overall design and theme of the store.

My skills with web design and multimedia naturally lead me to become the manager of internet sales. is my baby. So as a part of running the company website I have decided to start this blog to document my journey with icandy and to show you, the world, that I have a serious passion for what I do. I will be reviewing candy and candy companies, reviewing new candy themed merchandise, and keeping you up to date on the future trends of candy and candy stores! While this is in part to help promote my baby and let the world know we exsist, this is first and foremost my way to share my love of candy to the world by giving honest opinions and insight into my candy colored world.